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Cierra & Russell

Wedding in Villa Sant'Andrea, Taormina

Wedding in Villa Sant'Andrea in Taormina is a great possibility to have your event on the waterfront: right on the beach or on a terrace overlooking the sea and picturesque rocks. This venue is both informal and super-elegant, and it was just the right venue for Cierra and Russell to have their super fun sicilian wedding! Just think about the fact that the bride was walking down the aisle accompanied by Star Wars theme music, while their dogs - the two beautiful golden retrievers - were bringing the rings to the altar!

Cierra adores flowers, so flowers were the main wedding theme. Many different colorful flowers! They were everywhere, starting from the bridal dress - a stunning floral gown by Monique Ihuillier, continuing to the guests' outfits, on stationery, dogs' collars and in girls' hair. Not to mention the ceremony, where flowers were added to all the existing greenery and trees, creating an effect as if they were naturally growing there!  

Russell is a big fan of history and archeology, so what could have been a better place for their 'first look', if not the ancient Roman ruins?  Of course, getting there by a retro Fiat500, driving through curvy streets of Taormina was a part of the fun! 


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Photos by Katherine Emery

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